Differential pressure gauge

Structure of a differential pressure gauge

Mục Lục

1. Differential pressure gauge structure

differential pressure gauge is comprised of:

  • Sensing element
  • Drive bar
  • Magnet
  • Pointer
  • High-pressure connection
  • Low-pressure connection
  • Bezel with magnets
VCR differential pressure gauge
Inside a gauge

2. Operation principles

When the pressure at HP port (Arrow 1) is higher than the pressure at LP port (Arrow 2), the rubber will move in the direction of Arrow 3, pass the drive bar. The magnet will go in the direction of Arrow 4. Through bezel with magnets, clockwise will rotate in Arrow 6 direction.

VCR differential pressure gauge


The pressure of cleanroom is low, from 10 – 15 Pa, so the sensing element and the clockwise are very sensitive

The gauge will have the exact value when it is mounted vertically

After installation, if the clockwise is not at 0 Pa, you could fix it by Zero reset screw

Find out the structure of the differential pressure gauge below

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