How to install differential pressure gauge in cleanroom?

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Differential pressure gauge plays an important role in cleanrooms in pharmaceutical, electronic factories. It is necessary to grasp the steps to install a differential pressure gauge.

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It takes 5 steps to install a differential pressure gauge:

Step 1: Attach 2 NPT 1/8” plug to the back of the gauge, tighten with a screwdriver

Step 2: Attach 2 NPT 1/8″ threaded joints on 2 sides of the gauge, tighten with a wrench

Step 3: Each gauge is equipped with 3 small screws and a screw card. Attach each small screw to a screw card. Then attach to 3 positions of the gauge, continue to tighten with a screwdriver

Step 4: Attach 3 long screw to 3 screw cards so that the face of the gauge is outward

Step 5: Attach 2 measuring tubes to 2 threaded joints

Note: Normally, we only need to attach 1 measuring tube, this tube will be threaded through the panel wall through a borehole to measure the pressure in the room. Meanwhile, the other threaded connector is used to measure the pressure in the metering area. From there, the gauge could calculate the pressure difference between two regions.

For more details, please watch this video:

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