differential pressure gauge working principle

Differential pressure gauge working principle

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   A differential pressure gauge is a measuring instrument used to measure the pressure difference in cleanrooms, laboratories, workshops. Its roles involve dust collection, cleanroom monitoring, air handling, filter monitoring, etc. These applications require accurate pressure measurement. In this article, VCR will provide the differential pressure gauge working principle. Let’s find out how does a differential pressure gauge work?

   The interior of a differential pressure gauge includes a diaphragm, magnet, needle (pointer), and a helix.

How does a differential pressure gauge work
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   First, make sure the higher pressure is connected to the high port, the low pressure is connected to the low port! When pressures enter the ports of a gauge, both the high and low pressure chambers would fill up with air and push on the diaphragm. The magnet is driven by the diaphragm displacement. It goes up and down, which in turn moves the helix. The helix turns the needle on the gauge to indicate the pressure. 

    Digital differential pressure gauges are widely used. The AC and DC power supplies play a major role in digital pressure gauges. The switching circuit or AC is converted to DC. The pressure is measured and sent to the sensor diaphragm, which senses the pressure, based on which an electrical signal is generated to reach the computer or smartphone. These gauges have a small LCD display.

     Differential pressure gauges need to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis since an out-of-service gauge is as dangerous to the plant as not having one. It is better to have few but well-serviced gauges in your plant.

    From an accuracy perspective, installing and calibrating the differential pressure gauge correctly are important. Differential pressure gauge calibration is a complicated task and needs to be done by experts, after careful consideration of the application requirements.

       Here is the differential pressure gauge working principle, to read more about differential pressure gauge, please visit Knowledge

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