differential pressure gauge price

Differential pressure gauge price

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How much does a differential pressure gauge cost? This is the most common question VCR get when customers are interested in differential pressure gauge and want to install for their cleanrooms.

In this article, VCR will indicate the estimated price of this product in Vietnam. For an accurate price, please contact us via hotline 090 123 7008.

1. How much does a differential pressure gauge cost?

Differential Pressure Gauge is an indicator that measures the pressure difference between cleanrooms of different levels of cleanliness or between cleanroom and non-cleanroom,…

Differential pressure gauge price depends on many factors.

The gauge types affect the price. There are two common kinds of differential pressure gauges: mechanical ones and digital ones. Digital differential pressure gauge is more expensive than mechanical ones.

digital differential pressure gauge by VCR

Besides, according to the brand, the price of the differential pressure gauge is different.

For example, the price of Magnehelic differential pressure gauge is about 2.000.000 – 3.000.000 vnd; Esco differential pressure gauge is about 5.000.000 vnd, etc.

Meanwhile, a differential pressure gauge of Chinese brands is 20 – 40% cheaper than that of the US.

2. VCR differential pressure gauge – A perfect solution to every clean room

Differential pressure gauges provided by VCR are from 2 brands, which are MAGRFHELIC and MACROSCOPIC series 2000 with various pressure ranges (-60-60pa, 0-60pa,  0-250pa, 0-500pa, 0-750pa,…). VCR also provides differential pressure gauge accessories.

differential pressure gauge indicator

The price of VCR differential pressure gauge is pretty reasonable. For an accurate price, please contact us via hotline 090 123 7008.

Why choose VCR differential pressure gauges?

– Accurate measurement

– Various pressure ranges

– Replacement for goods having faults from manufactures

– Fast delivery

– Reasonable price

– Professional service

Read more about differential pressure gauge here

Vietnam Cleanroom Equipment (VCR) specializes in providing cleanroom equipment for construction contractors. We provide high-quality products with competitive prices and large quantities nationwide. The equipment includes:

Differential pressure gauge, FFU Fan Filter Unit, Pass box, Clean room air filter, HEPA box, Clean booth, cleanroom steel door, Isolator cabinet, and other equipment

For details, please refer to Vietnam cleanroom equipment official website


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