Differential pressure gauge installation

Differential pressure gauge installation procedure

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The installation of differential pressure gauge is a crucial job. If the installation is done accurately, the gauge will give the precise figure, but if it is not done properly you won’t get the desired measurement.

In this article, VCR will guide you to install the differential pressure gauge.

A set of differential pressure gauge includes:

1 bo dong ho chenh ap day du

1. A differential pressure gauge

2. Two 1/8 NPT pipe threads

3. Two 1/8 NPT plugs

4. 3 short screws

5. Mounting tabs

6. 3 long screws

Here are the differential pressure gauge installation steps:

Step 1: Insert the 1/8 NPT plugs into the back of a differential pressure gauge

differential pressure gauge installation instructions

Step 2: Connect two pipe threads to the side ports of the differential pressure gauge. Screw them into the ports

pressure gauge clean room

Step 3: Attach each small screw to the mounting tabs, then attach the mounting tabs to three mounting screw holes spaced on the backside of the differential pressure gauge

installing differential pressure gauge

differential pressure indicator for clean room

Step 4: Screw them tightly

tighten the gauge

Step 5: Once the tabs are mounted,  insert the long screws into the available hole of the mounting tabs. Use a screw gun to drill them into the wall.

differential pressure gauge

differential pressure indicator

Step 6: Once the differential pressure gauge is installed, you can connect the tubing to the proper ports needed for the application

connect the tube for gauge

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