Differential pressure gauge for air filter

Differential pressure gauge for air filter

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Many devices equipped with air filters like dynamic pass box, dispensing booth, etc always have differential pressure gauges. What are the differential pressure gauges on these devices used for? This article will address the function of differential pressure gauge for air filter. Let’s find out.

What is a differential pressure gauge? 

Differential pressure refers to the difference in pressure between two specified points. In process systems, unexpected fluctuations in this value can indicate that a component needs maintenance, repair, or replacement. As a result, knowing current differential pressure levels is critical to ensuring that equipment remains in proper working order.

A differential pressure gauge is a device used for this purpose.  A differential pressure gauge is designed to measure the difference in air pressure between two points within a system.

Differential pressure gauge for air filter

The filter is a key factor of many air purification devices, such as dispensing booth, dynamic pass box. It removes contaminants from air entering the system, ensuring that the air exiting the system is clean and safe. Its function results in a natural difference in pressure between the inlet and outlet sides. However, as it becomes clogged over time, the differential pressure increases.

A differential pressure gauge can be used to monitor the pressure drop of the air filter and determine when its filter system has reached the point where it must be replaced.

Using this filter monitoring method keeps operators informed of the current status of their filter and encourages operators to replace air filters once they exceed the manufacturer-recommended operating life.

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How does a differential pressure gauge work?

Differential pressure gauges measure the pressure at two points and display the pressure difference between those two points on a single dial.

For example, the pressure measured could be 100pa before a filter and 250pa after the filter, allowing the differential pressure gauge to read the difference, which is 150pa – referred to as 150pa differential. That represents a 150pa pressure drop caused by the filter.

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Technical parameter of differential pressure gauge for air filter

The measuring range of differential pressure gauge for the air filter is 0-250 Pa or 0-500Pa. 0-500Pa gauge is the most widely used one.

differential pressure gauge 0-500pa

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