Differential pressure gauge calibration

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In Viet Nam, before installing a differential pressure gauge in cleanrooms, laboratories, it must be calibrated. After a long time, the differential pressure gauge must also be calibrated. The purpose of differential pressure gauge calibration is to ensure the proper working of differential pressure gauge and to maintain the quality and accuracy of differential pressure measurements.

differential pressure gauge calibration

I. Differential pressure gauge calibration procedure

In this part, VCR will present the calibration procedure for differential pressure gauge so that customers could grasp how to calibrate a differential pressure gauge.

  • Setup

Connect the output pressure of the pneumatic pump on the positive or high side of the Gauge. Leave the low side port open to ambient, in this way, the differential pressure gauge functions only as a normal pressure gauge.

We can verify one port only with the positive pressure coming from the pump. In this setup, the procedure of calibration is the same as the normal pressure gauge.

  • Method

The reading of the pressure generated by Fluke 754 with pressure module is directly compared to the display or reading of the differential pressure gauge.

  • Procedure
  1. Check for functionality and any visual defect before calibration.
  2. Record all the details about the UUC. Use a Measurement Data Sheet to record your data.
  3. Open both ports and exposed to ambient. The needle should be in the zero position because no pressure is applied to both ports.
  4. Connect the pneumatic hose on the positive or high side.
  5. Then generate the required pressure (5 test points or as per requirement).
  6. Pump the pressure in increasing manner until you reached the full scale and go back in decreasing value (same test points). Compare reading displayed in Fluke 754.
  7. Complete necessary record.
  8. Visit this page to continue data recording—-pressure gauge calibration.

The records and reference standard used in calibrating a differential pressure gauge are the same with an ordinary pressure gauge, the only difference is the setup (ordinary pressure gauge has only 1 port), the range of set points and accuracy of the reference standard to be used.

II. Differential Pressure Gauge Calibration In Viet Nam

In Viet Nam, pressure gauge, differential pressure gauge, pressure vessel, etc are products required to meet the stipulated safety standards of the Law on Occupational Safety and Health.

Therefore, before using differential pressure gauges, they must be calibrated by accredited companies and laboratories.

If you buy differential pressure gauges of VCR, we will support you with the differential pressure gauge calibration service so that you do not waste your time finding where to calibrate the gauges.

For more information, please contact us via hotline 090 123 7008 / 090 123 9008


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