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VCR Differential Pressure Gauge

Wide range of measuring ranges | Pass All Tests, Standards | GMP Compliant | Genuine, Prestige, 12 Months Warranty | Say NO to fake and poor quality products


Range: -60-60Pa; 0-60Pa; 0-250Pa; 0-500Pa; 0-750Pa | Series: 2000; 2300 | Accuracy: ±2 % FS | Weight: 560 Gram


1 - Differential Pressure Gauge | 2 - NPT 1/8 thread connector | 3 - NPT Block 1/8 | 4 - Small nail | 5 - Rubber feet | 6 - Long nail



differential pressure in dispensing booth

Differential pressure in dispensing booth

Dispensing booth (sampling or weighing booth) can provide a working environment with Class 100 cleanliness. Dispensing booths are commonly used in pharmaceutical factories, microbiology research laboratories, etc. The dispensing booth can provide a

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A differential pressure gauge is a device (manometer) that measures the difference in pressure between two places with different pressures, including between rooms or areas with other uses in factories, or machines… Differential pressure gauges can measure air pressure, water pressure.

In the field of Cleanroom, differential pressure gauges are mainly for measuring air pressure. Therefore, the cleanroom differential pressure gauge needs to have the prerequisite characteristics to effectively measure the difference in air pressure between two areas of different cleanliness levels:

– Anti-dust

– Anti-friction between components to ensure accuracy and sensitivity

– Material is resistant to heat and abrasion

– Range of scales suitable for the measuring area

Differential pressure gauges can be applied in many different fields such as pharmaceutical, HVAC, medical, microelectronics, food and beverage, aerospace, environmental engineering, and biological engineering…

Particularly in the field of Cleanroom, a differential pressure gauge is an indispensable device to help users control room pressure to prevent air, dust particles, infectious substances, etc. from an unclean area/lower level to a higher level/clean room or area.

To ensure that the air in the clean room always moves from a clean place to a less clean place, it is necessary to guarantee a positive pressure difference between the two areas.

The original VCR differential pressure gauge will not be inspected. However, we will support customers, who buy a quantity of 10 units or more, to inspect at Vinacontrol – a reputable testing center in the state with the most reasonable cost possible.

You can refer to the sample certificate of inspection HERE. In addition, after the test, there will be an inspection stamp on the body of the watch, with a term of 1 year.

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